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YYG is a unique video platform to easily improve your golf skills.

We collected the best video’s and arranged them in our software system which offers unparalleled overview to solve your golf challenges. 

The educational software makes it easy to select the videos you are looking for with just one click. 

You can watch more than 1100 golf videos, arranged in different levels and instructors. 

The first to weeks you get a free trial account to get to know YYG. 

If you want a paid membership of 1 year, you will pay 1.67 euro per month.

You can watch all the videos everywhere you want. You can sing in with your account on your smartphone, tablet or on your desktop.

You can click on the star to safe as favorite

 You can easily cancel your paid membership on YYG.  After one year your membership is monthly terminable. Do you want to cancel your membership earlier? You’ve got a cancellation period of 30 days. Cancel via: info@youandyourgolf.com